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The Diamond Shop is very proud of our Thomas Farley brand. In 2010, our owner and jewelry designer of the Thomas Farley brand, Thom Kohn, was chosen by the Academy of Country Music to design the Milestone Award for Brooks & Dunn. The award is for being the bestselling duo in the history of country music.

Thom working intently on laying out each and every stone on the award and getting the pattern just right. Because, he is so meticulous when it comes to his designs.


The award has diamonds along the rim of the hat and sapphires on the top. The sapphires range from white to dark indigo blue, on both the top of the hat and the base. Because of the gradient colors in the sapphires, the cowboy hat really stand out. Definitely a stunning award!

After countless hours of labor, he stands proudly with his finished design.

This Milestone Award was presented at the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on April 18, 2010. We are proud of Thom and his masterpiece.

Visit the Thomas Farley page and see his other designs and you might find something that you love. Because we can make it for you!


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