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Watch Repair St. Louis

Since the inception of jewelry repair services at The Diamond Shop, our highly skilled professionals have repaired, serviced, restored, and tuned many timepieces, so they can be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t let just any repair shop work on your irreplaceable timepiece– our talented technicians will evaluate and diagnose any obvious or underlying conditions that may cause your timepiece to malfunction.

From sentimental watches to luxury timepieces and everything in between, we are here for your repair needs. Maintenance is an important part in ensuring your timepiece lasts a lifetime. We will completely inspect, clean, overhaul, oil gears and whatever else your timepiece needs. Our professionals take the time and care to make sure that everything is working as it should.

You and your timepiece deserve the best.

If you are looking for a brand new piece, please check out our carefully selected watch collection. We understand that purchasing a new watch can be intimidating, especially if you are not sure how to sift through the many options we carry. To help please consult our “How to Choose a Watch” Blog Post here!


Watch Repair Services

At The Diamond Shop, we take pride in our professional watch repair services. It’s our goal to ensure your timepiece maintains its functionality for many years to come. Whether your watch requires battery replacement or a complete overhaul, you can trust our technicians. The services we offer include:

Watch Battery Replacement

The most obvious sign that your watch may require a battery replacement appears when the movement stops. As a result, the hands remain on a set time that is no longer accurate. When your watch battery needs to be replaced, our technicians will take the following steps:

  1. Remove the watch back. Most modern watches have either snap-off or screw-off back panels with indentations that make removal simple; some have screws. We use a variety of specially designed tools to loosen and remove these backs.
  2. Place the case ring to the side. The case ring is a shaped piece of plastic that stabilizes and protects the inner workings of your watch. If a case ring is present, we remove this protective piece to uncover the battery itself.
  3. Locate and remove the battery. Most watch batteries are easy to find and remove.  Some have an additional piece of metal that secures the battery in place, called a battery strap. We use specially designed tools to lift these and remove the battery.
  4. Insert the new battery. Using the same tools, we place the new, fully-charged battery into the existing slot.
  5. Quality control. After installing the new battery, we ensure the movement is working again and displaying the correct time and date.
  6. Replace the case ring and watch back. The last step is to make certain all parts are in their designated position, lubricate the gasket, and close the watch back.

Pressure Testing

Most modern watches are deemed water-resistant; however, if you suspect that moisture is seeping into your timepiece, it is critical that you have it inspected by a professional.

We use specially designed equipment to test the level of pressure tolerance in watches. The machine uses a vacuum chamber to simulate extreme pressure changes like those experienced while diving or flying in an airplane. The process ensures that your timepiece is water-resistant to its rated depth and that all parts are securely attached.

Our technicians will analyze the results of the test to determine if and where a problem is occurring to assist you in determining the next best steps.

Gasket Replacement

Many people wear their watches every day, so wear and tear is bound to occur. Minor nicks and scratches are common and don’t pose a threat to a timepiece’s function. More extensive damage, however, can weaken the seals of the timepiece, creating cracks that allow dirt and moisture inside.

There are a number of gaskets inside your watch. Gaskets are rubber rings that protect the inner workings of a watch in the case of exterior damage and moisture by creating a tight seal between the pieces of the watch case. If any of your gaskets needs replacing, our technicians will:

  1. Open the watch and remove the necessary movements, crystal, and gasket
  2. Thoroughly clean the watch case pieces, ensuring it is completely dry before proceeding
  3. Lubricate and gently press the new gasket in its groove
  4. Carefully reassemble the watch case, ensuring everything is in working order

Surface Cleaning

Regular watch surface cleaning ensures that your timepiece continues to work as it should. When you bring your watch to us for a surface-cleaning, our technicians will first inspect all aspects of the piece, taking special note of its overall condition. We look for any damage that may allow moisture to enter, inspect the condition of the crown, and observe the edge of the crystal.

Next, the strap is removed, which allows access to one of the dirtiest parts of a timepiece: where the strap connects to the watch itself. We then wipe every facet, edge, nook, and cranny with a special cloth and chemical cleaners, if necessary. Next, a soft-bristled brush is used to remove any remaining debris. Finally, a microfiber cloth is used to quickly absorb any excess moisture. You can trust our professionals to return your watch free of oil and dirt.

Stainless steel watch bands can even be fully refinished. When the band is removed for cleaning, we will polish out any minor surface scratches and reapply the original texture to your links.

Crystal Replacement

A watch’s crystal is the transparent material that covers the face of your timepiece and allows you to read the hands. Crystals are made from a variety of materials, depending on the manufacturer. You can read more about the types of watch crystal below. It can be devastating when your favorite timepiece’s crystal is shattered or cracked, but our technicians can replace it so your watch looks as good as new!

  • Acrylic. Acrylic crystals are essentially a piece of flexible plastic. They are most often found in inexpensive watches or rugged, outdoor models. Since the plastic is slightly flexible, it can resist shattering, but it is prone to bending and breaking. Small scratches can sometimes be buffed out.
  • Mineral Glass. Mineral glass crystals are most frequently found in fashion watches. Of the crystal materials, it performs most similarly to a window pane. It is less resistant to scratches than acrylic crystals. but can be prone to shattering. When damaged, it almost always needs to be completely replaced.
  • Sapphire Crystal. The most expensive of the crystal types, sapphire crystal is usually found in high-end and luxury timepieces. It is made out of thin sheets of ultra-clear lab-grown sapphire. It is much more resistant to scratches and shattering than the other crystal materials, but can still be damaged.

Watch Maintenance

Regular watch maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, and oiling the gears. For some watches that have not been used in years, a complete overhaul may be necessary. An overhaul is an intricate process that includes taking apart the movement, cleaning all the parts, replacing any worn parts, oiling the movement, calibrating the time, and resealing the piece. Although the process takes hours to complete, our professionals work diligently to bring the watch back to its peak condition.

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For over 100 years, The Diamond Shop has been the premier St. Louis jewelry destination. Our store in Clayton, MO, serves as a central location for customers from all over the St. Louis area. Whether you are seeking the perfect diamond ring for your forever love or need one of our specialty watch repair services, our staff is here to serve you. Let’s work together to ensure your watch withstands the test of time – schedule an appointment with us today for an evaluation!