Watch Repair

Since we began our jewelry repair services at The Diamond Shop, we have repaired, serviced, restored, and tuned many timepieces. Allowing the users to enjoy them for years to come. Do not let just any repair shop work on your irreplaceable watch. Our talented technicians will evaluate and diagnose any obvious or underlying conditions that may cause your timepiece to work improperly.

We provide any service for watches that you may need. From the sentimental ones to luxury timepieces and everything in between, we are here for your watch needs.

We provide watch batteries with and without pressure testing, gasket replacements, and surface cleaning.

Is Your Watch Band In Need Of Repair, Adjustment, Or Replacement?

Let one of knowledgeable sales staff get you what you need. We even help with those hard to find or custom bands. You and your timepiece deserve the best and we can provide that for you.

Crystal replacement is available for the everyday watch, the high-end luxury ones, and even the vintage timepieces. We even do sapphire crystals.

Watch maintenance is an important part to help your timepiece last a lifetime. We will completely inspect, clean, overhaul, oil gears, or whatever it needs. Our professional take the time and care to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Our friendly staff will help you with any watch repair need you may have. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.