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At The Diamond Shop, we understand how important your fine jewelry is to you. Each piece represents a significant and treasured memory that can be passed on from generation to generation. As part of our commitment to you, we are pleased to provide repairs for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. We employ full-time repair professionals onsite, and all repairs are made in-store. We possess technologically advanced equipment and combine it with skilled craftsmen, which enables us to repair virtually any type of jewelry. No matter how great or small your need, The Diamond Shop will return your fine jewelry piece to you in tip-top shape. We want each treasure you own to last a lifetime!


Laser Jewelry Repair

We are proud to offer top-of-the-line laser technology to repair your fine jewelry. Using a sharp, focused beam of light, lasers make it possible to repair jewelry that was once impossible to fix or too costly to restore. Since little heat is generated at the weld point, the heat-sensitive areas surrounding the broken fixture will not be damaged. We’re able to fix your pieces without removing the stones, thus resulting in a quicker and more reliable process.

If your karat gold, sterling silver, palladium, or platinum jewelry pieces are damaged, rest assured that our professionals will utilize laser technology to restore them. With the ability to adjust the diameter of the focus, as well as voltage used and pulses per second, jewelry pieces repaired via laser are both more durable and longer lasting. Your treasures are in good hands at The Diamond Shop!

Laser technology can be used in a variety of ways to restore your jewelry pieces:

  • Ring re-tipping. Traditionally, jewelers have re-tipped gold prongs near diamonds without removing their settings, but doing so can be risky on platinum pieces and impossible with heat-sensitive stones like opal and emerald. However, using the laser allows our professionals to melt platinum directly onto the prong, making each one look like new.
  • Removing small diamonds. Unfortunately, concentrated rays of light from a laser beam can destroy small diamonds. However, if for any reason the diamonds need to be replaced, utilizing a laser erases the need for metal work, saving time and money.
  • Repairing trendy jewelry. Traditional torch repair requires professionals to re-set the stones in costume jewelry in order to fix. But, since laser beams do not transfer as much heat, our experts can repair your trendy jewelry without touching the stones.

Jewelry Restoration

At The Diamond Shop, we restore your jewelry through exceptional services. Our specializations include:

Cleaning, Polishing, Refinishing Jewelry

Whether your pieces are made from gold, platinum, or silver, we have the knowledge necessary to properly fix your jewelry through cleaning, polishing, and refinishing. When you bring your treasures to us, we will thoroughly inspect each item to ensure there are no loose stones or additional repair needed. If we discover that repairs are necessary, we will create a plan of action to restore your jewelry.

As precious metals are soft, we recommend that your jewelry be professionally cleaned every six months. Once the initial inspection is finished, we use our polishing wheel to brighten, ultrasonic cleaner to remove dirt and grime, and steamer to refinish the stone’s shine. Our dedicated team understands the importance of preserving your jewelry and works tirelessly to return your pieces to their pristine condition.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is one of the most rare metals, which also makes it one of the most expensive. It is exceptionally durable, with a silver-white coloring and reflective surface. Additionally, rhodium is similar to platinum and palladium due to its resistance to corrosion and oxidation; however, it has a higher melting point and is therefore not easily molded.

Rhodium plating describes the process of coating a thin layer of rhodium over platinum, silver, and, most often, white gold jewelry. Doing so increases your jewelry’s durability and shine. Plating jewelry, specifically pieces made from gold, adds a scratch-resistant finish and a reflective luster, making your treasure white and bright again.

Damaged Jewelry Repair

Catching damage on your jewelry early increases its longevity and nature. We provide expert services for various kinds of damaged jewelry, including:

  • Ring sizing and soldering. Frustrated with how your engagement ring and wedding band slip during the winter or get stuck on your hand during the summer? Having the correct ring size ensures comfort for you and protection for your rings. Additionally, soldering your wedding set will help it stay put, as well as prevent damage to the metals and stones.
  • Ring prong re-tipping or replacement. When a prong is damaged, it’s easy to spot. If one looks different from the others or constantly catches on your clothing, it’s important to take your ring to a professional. Depending on how it’s damaged, our experts will either bend the prong, retip, or replace it.
  • Ring head or setting replacement. When multiple or all prongs are damaged, it’s likely your ring will need a new head or setting. Our team will put their expertise to work in repairing your ring’s head, taking care of stone tightening and ensuring the prongs are strengthened.
  • Stone replacement. Damaged prongs or a sharp blow can affect your stone’s quality. However, the reason to replace your stone can vary – it’s common to place a new stone when an achievement is reached or to celebrate an anniversary. You can trust our experts to handle your replacement diamond or stone with care, whether it be located on a ring, earring, or necklace.
  • Chain or clasp repair. Broken necklaces, as well as chains and clasps on bracelets, are common issues that are typically resolved in little time. When you bring your jewelry to us, we’ll match the metals to replace whatever is damaged, and thus ensure your pieces look as good as new.

Engraved Jewelry

Throughout history, jewelry pieces were engraved by hand. As technology has advanced, the use of machinery to engrave your fine jewelry has proven to be less expensive and time consuming. We guarantee a neat, clean finish to all of your personalized jewelry. Simply describe what you’re looking for or bring in a drawing, and we’ll create a computerized template to be engraved. Wish to personalize your treasures, but don’t know what you want? Below are common examples of engraved designs:

  • Name or initials
  • Important date
  • Place of significance
  • Short sentence
  • Important question
  • Your own design

We’re here to help you create the perfect design for your special jewelry pieces. Plus, if you’re unsatisfied with the current design of your jewelry, we can assist by creating a custom piece! We want you to be happy with your jewelry – after all, each piece carries its own significance, and it’s our goal to help you preserve the legacy.

Contact the Expert St. Louis Jewelers for Repairs Today

At The Diamond Shop, we employ a team of knowledgeable, experienced jewelry repair experts. We understand your frustration when an important piece of jewelry is broken or damaged, so it’s our priority to restore each treasure with precision and timeliness. As a family-owned jewelry store in Clayton, MO, we’ve served countless customers over our 100 years in business. You can trust us to revitalize your pieces – schedule an appointment today to preserve your memories and traditions!