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Engagement rings symbolize a tangible representation that you are loved and committed, making it one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. The Diamond Shop is here to help you find the engagement ring that suits your intentions, your taste, your budget, and everything that is important to you. Your story is unique. Make sure your engagement ring tells your love story.

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Engagement Rings

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Mission Statement

The Diamond Shop, our commitment is to you, the customer. We understand that buying jewelry is all about trust. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our philosophy is to offer the best selection of jewelry, combined with extraordinary quality, affordable pricing, and the exceptional designs that have kept customers returning to our establishment throughout the years.
Believing the educated consumers are the most confident with their purchases, our experienced staff will gladly sit with you until you feel that you fully comprehend the significance of the 4 C’s in relation to the value of a diamond and have viewed a variety of diamonds in person to compare these differences side-by-side. We know that confidence in your jeweler comes from complete satisfaction with your purchase and your shopping experience. It is our belief at The Diamond Shop that trust, knowledge, and experience are the keys to success in our industry.

When you think of diamonds… think The Diamond Shop.

The Diamond Shop Promise

The Diamond Shop understands that buying jewelry is all about trust. Our quality, the price, and the customer service are second to none. The most important aspect of our business is our reputation, so we truly go above and beyond to make sure that every piece that leaves our shop is perfect. Since 1910 The Diamond Shop has been creating a unique jewelry store built on client referrals. Ensuring that not only are we here for you today, but we will be here to serve your future needs as well. Truly a pleasure for you to join our family! We guarantee you will be satisfied. Our reputation depends on it!