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Protecting Your Assets with Accurate Jewelry Appraisals

Fine Jewelry is an investment that carries a deep sentimental significance. This is why The Diamond Shop recommends having insurance coverage on all of your fine jewelry to protect against loss, damage, mysterious disappearance, or theft. We offer insurance appraisals on fine jewelry which are accepted by all major insurance companies whether your fine jewelry was purchased from our store or not. Once you have an appraisal done by The Diamond Shop, there is never a charge to update an existing appraisal.

Why Get Your Jewelry Appraised?

Ensuring your jewelry gives you the ability to wear even your finest gems with peace of mind instead of having them locked away and not being able to enjoy them. Insurance companies require a jewelry appraisal on every item that is being covered. This type of an appraisal lets the insurance company know the approximate replacement value of the item, in case of loss, theft, mysterious disappearance, and sometimes irreparable damage, depending on your policy. If you have recently inherited a piece, are thinking of selling a piece, or are curious what your jewelry is worth, let us give you an accurate value. We provide, at no cost, an appraisal when you purchase your fine jewelry from The Diamond Shop. The value of your gold, diamonds, precious gems, and jewelry is determined by current market prices.

Complete and Accurate Appraisals

With decades of experience, our in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist, Thom Kohn, will gladly evaluate your jewelry with accuracy, knowledge, and integrity. All appraisals are done onsite. Our GIA graduate gemologist and professional appraisers use tools, measurement, and their knowledge to provide you with an accurate written appraisal using current market values. We take pride in preparing a detailed and precise appraisal report for our clients.

Up-to-Date Appraisals

You need your appraisals to be current. We recommend having us inspect and clean your jewelry at least once a year.  While you are having your jewelry inspected and cleaned, it is the perfect time to update your appraisals. Insurance purposes would be the number one reason to have your appraisals up to date.  Over the years, the value of gemstones and precious metals can fluctuate significantly causing the value of a piece of jewelry today to exceed the appraisal value from five years ago. To protect your assets, we recommend upgrading jewelry appraisals at least every two years. Once you have an appraisal done by The Diamond Shop, there is never a charge to update an existing appraisal.