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Engagement Rings

The Diamond Shop offers a fantastic selection of engagement rings

Engagement Rings St. Louis

Engagement rings symbolize a tangible representation that you are loved and committed, making it one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. The Diamond Shop is here to help you find the engagement ring that suits your intentions, taste, budget, and everything else that is important to you. Your story is unique. Make sure your engagement ring tells your love story.

Our team of skilled non-commission sales professionals will work with you to tell your story. We offer a variety of settings in all styles, budgets, and custom engagement rings are our speciality. Look through our inventory of Loose Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown diamonds to find your perfect center diamond. We will work with you to find the perfect ring answering any questions you may have, and ensuring that the decision you make is an informed one. 

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Engagement Ring Styles 

The three main components of engagement rings include style, setting, and diamond shape. Mix and match any combination of the three basic parts to create an engagement ring your significant other will cherish forever! The style of an engagement ring refers to the overall design that the setting and diamond work to create. The most popular engagement ring styles include:

Solitaire Style

As its name suggests, the solitaire engagement ring boasts a single diamond at the center. Its main purpose is to draw attention to the brilliance of the singular diamond. Although the round diamond is the most popular shape, the versatility of the solitaire style allows any shape to be a beautiful centerpiece. 

Three Stone Style

The three stone style highlights a trio of diamonds perfectly spaced. A larger stone rests at the center, while two smaller complementary diamonds are paired on each side. The beautiful design a three stone style engagement ring creates is unique and sure to capture attention.

Halo Style

The halo engagement ring is one of the most popular styles. A center stone is encircled by smaller stones, creating a halo effect that maximizes the impact of the diamond. We offer different options for halo styles and settings, such as a dazzling center stone surrounded by a single or double halo of white or gold diamonds.

Engagement Ring Settings

The engagement ring setting describes how stones are set, or mounted, onto the metal band. Diamonds are set within mountings that accommodate each specific shape and size of stone. The various types of settings are meant to highlight the sparkle and beauty of a center diamond. We offer numerous setting options, all created with the utmost care in mind. They include:

Cathedral Setting

If you’re seeking to add height and a classic elegance to your engagement ring, the cathedral setting is for you! The shank of this ring setting curves upward, resembling the tall, arched ceilings of a cathedral, thus elevating the stone above the band. It’s a classic, traditional style with a high setting, ensuring your diamond remains front and center.

Prong Setting

The most popular type of engagement ring setting, the prong features sleek, metal arms that securely hold the diamond in the center. Also referred to as a “claw” setting, the prong lifts the diamond high above the band, allowing light to shimmer through from all angles.

Bead Setting

Similar to the prong setting, beads contain small round pieces of metal that are raised from the surface and used to secure the gemstone. In many cases, surrounding stones line the band and accent the center diamond. The metal beads reflect significant amounts of light, displaying extraordinary sparkle.

Channel Setting

In a channel setting, diamonds are set between two parallel walls of metal within the band. Praised for their seamless flow of light, channel rings are both durable and stylish. They truly offer the best of both worlds!

Pavé Setting

Derived from the French word for “pavement,” pavé is a type of setting where adjacent stones share the same bead. As a result, the ring’s surface appears to be “paved” with diamonds placed closely together. The amount of diamonds promotes a sparkle that is second to none, making it the perfect setting for those who want an extra dazzle.

Diamond Shapes 

The center diamond is the attention-grabbing feature of engagement rings. With our vast selection of diamond shapes available, you can capture your loved one’s personality with a truly unique look. Each cut sparkles in its own way, and our professionals will ensure the quality and proportions of your diamond are stunning from every angle. The diamond cuts we offer include:

Round Brilliant Cut Shape 

The most popular cut, the round diamond showcases exceptional sparkle and a universal shape that fits within any setting. Perfect for those who love a classic style, the round cut shape maximizes the reflection of light while remaining simplistic and beautiful.

Princess Cut Shape

Another prime choice for any ring setting, the princess cut is characterized by its versatile face-up shape. Whether you choose square or rectangular sides, you can capture modernism and a geometric look while showcasing the utmost brilliance.

Emerald Cut Shape

A rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners define the emerald shape. Although the emerald cut isn’t as flashy or sparkly as other types, its long silhouette and angular lines capture clarity and reflect light. Plus, when set vertically, emeralds can make fingers look longer.

Cushion Cut Shape

Thanks to its square-cut combined with rounded corners, the cushion diamond shape is often referred to as a “pillow.” The cut’s multiple larger facets, or flat surfaces, increase the stone’s brilliance, emanating a vintage look. 

Oval Cut Shape

An elongated version of the popular round diamond, the oval cut can sparkle just as much due to its numerous facets. The oval is a classy, elegant choice whose oblong shape lengthens the appearance of the fingers.

Marquise Cut Shape

Known for its regality, the marquise shape is also referred to as the Navette cut. The brilliant sparkle it emulates is due to its curved sides and pointed ends. Like the emerald, the long vertical shape of the marquise can create the illusion of an elongated finger.

Radiant Cut Shape

Perfect for those who want a classic shape with big sparkle, the radiant cut catches the light in a significant way. Although its shape resembles that of an emerald, its deep-cut facets provide extra sparkle and shine. Plus, its eight corners prevent the possibility of chipping.

Pear Shape 

Also an increasingly popular cut, the pear resembles a teardrop shape. Its hybrid of styles blend the oval and marquise, creating a unique, timeless cut. This mixture of modernism and vintage portrays elegance and sophistication.

Asscher Cut Shape

The asscher’s octagonal shape boasts numerous large step facets and a symmetrical design, maintaining the utmost radiance. Although a universal cut that looks beautiful in any ring setting, the asscher shape requires superior clarity and a high quality diamond to truly shine.

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Whatever your preferences, we’re certain the engagement ring you’re seeking is at The Diamond Shop! Our vast knowledge of engagement ring styles, settings, and cuts allows you to be confident in your decision. Plus, our reputation speaks for itself – customers have returned to our family-owned St. Louis jewelry store for over 100 years.

Our commitment to you is the priority in everything we do, from our quality selection of jewelry pieces to our affordable prices and exceptional designs. If you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship and propose marriage with a stunning diamond engagement ring, book an appointment with us at The Diamond Shop in Clayton! We look forward to assisting you.

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