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This is one of the biggest nights out of the year and you know what that means; it’s the time to bring out the boldest and most sparkling jewelry you have because this is the night to shine bright. Anything goes for this night and it’s the one time I will say even if you’re wearing something elaborate already it is completely acceptable and even expected to wear bold, beautiful jewelry. Basically as St. Louis’ Jack Buck would say, Go Crazy Folks, Go Crazy!

Some of our highly recommended pieces for your night out include:

Cocktail Rings

Big, bold and beautiful. These large rings add a perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit on New Year’s Eve.

large silver ring with two large gemstonesbold gold ring with diamonds around a gemstone

Statement Earrings

These are perfect for New Year’s Eve, especially if you have short hair or an up-do to really show them off.  These ruby studs are my absolute favorite and go so well with all skin and eye colors.

ruby stud earringssilver drop earrings with a yellow stone

Bold Necklaces

Anything with some sparkle or color is perfect for this night and a necklace can pull an entire outfit together. Colorful pearls are great for this night if you are going for a modern take on a classic look.

light pink pearl necklacebold brown necklace with large pendant








Until tomorrow- Shine on,

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