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The Diamond Shop is a Full Service St. Louis Jewelry Store. We carry the finest selection of Engagement Rings in St. Louis at the lowest prices in town.

The Diamond Shop has been a household name in St. Louis since 1910.  Joseph Kohn acquired the store shortly after returning home from World War II, in 1947.  Joe and his family have owned and operated the store for over 60 years now and have served St. Louis families for two, three, and even four generations.

In 1976, Joe’s son, Thom, became a resident graduate gemologist of the Los Angeles location of the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.).  Thom is also an accomplished jewelry designer who has created custom designs for over thirty years.

Since Joe’s retirement, Thom and his wife, Mona, are continuing the Kohn family tradition of excellence in customer service as they and their seasoned sales staff and on-site jewelers proudly lead St. Louis towards the future of jewelry.  Selling only the highest quality diamonds, The Diamond Shop offers both traditional and innovative settings by well-known designers, as well as unique pieces custom-designed at our store.  The Kohn family strives to set their business apart from the over-saturated market by offering some of the industry’s most competitive prices in a pressure-free atmosphere.

At The Diamond Shop, our commitment is to you, the customer. Our philosophy is to offer the best selection of jewelry, combined with extraordinary quality, affordable pricing, and the exceptional designs that have kept customers returning to our establishment throughout the years.

Believing the educated consumers are the most confident with their purchases, our experienced staff will gladly sit with you until you feel that you fully comprehend the significance of the 4 C’s in relation to the value of a diamond and have viewed a variety of diamonds in person to compare these differences side-by-side. We know that confidence in your jeweler comes from complete satisfaction with you purchase and with your shopping experience. It is our belief at The Diamond Shop that trust, knowledge, and experience are the keys to success in our industry.

When you think of diamonds… think The Diamond Shop.
















Joseph Kohn (1917 – 2012)

Standing at just 5 foot 6 inches tall, Joseph Kohn was a giant of a man and a cornerstone for his family.  “Joe,” as those who were close to him knew him, served his country bravely then returned home in 1947.  As a soldier in WWII, he was a highly decorated war hero.  He became an officer through a battlefield commission and was awarded the Bronze Star, 2 Silver Stars and the Purple Heart.  He was also recommended and nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

He then acquired The Diamond Shop.  With his wife Sirose by his side and children Sidney and Thomas at his feet, he created one of the finest family owned jewelry stores that the St. Louis Area has ever seen.

Joe was always honored and proud to be able to share in many of the happiest moments of people’s lives.  Everyone that he touched or helped, were not just customers, they were his family.  In fact Joe has seen four generations of families grow up, get married and have children right in front of his eyes. We will miss his charm, wit, infectious smile and the twinkle in his eye.

Joe is survived by his wife Sirose, his sons Sidney and his wife Bonnie and Thomas and his wife Mona, and his four grandchildren, Gwynne, Lindsay, Derek, and Blair.

We will love and miss you always.  God Bless.


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