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Check out our newest styles and save some cash during our Engagement Ring Sale for a limited time. Whether you are just starting your journey and need some ideas or already have that perfect ring in mind, we can help. If you said “I Do” already but maybe you need a ring to speak to your personality now, we can help with that as well. Setting design and the shape of the center stone create each engagement ring’s unique personality. Individual taste decides which ring will be the one for you. We have hundreds of engagement ring mountings to choose from in white, yellow, or rose gold, or a combination to make your ring truly yours.

Here are some of the latest trends and hot sellers we offer:

Yellow Gold. Yellow gold is trending back again after being not being seen on the front lines for a couple of decades. This is not your mother’s engagement ring! It is now taking front and center and we have some stunners!

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Rose Gold. Some say trendy. Some say vintage. We say gorgeous! Rose gold can give you a distinctive look to your ring. It is a flattering color for all skin tones and can have various hues ranging with rosy shades of pink depending on your choice of 14 karat or 18 karat gold. Of course, it is a perfect choice when mixing metals.




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White Gold. It’s classic and timeless. It can be a halo, straight simple band, vintage, or intricate design. No matter what the style you cannot go wrong with white gold.

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Mixed Metals. The best of both worlds. Classic and trendy. Using white gold to accentuate your diamonds and using yellow or rose gold in the band or as accents makes your ring really pop! We adore these.



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Rose Cuts. A rose cut diamond or diamond slice will really make your ring stand out. Using various metal colors depending on the color of your diamond makes these rings a true one-of-a-kind. Black, grey, yellow, mahogany, or cognac colors are just some of lovely variants of color available. Check out these from our exclusive Thomas Farley line.



Here is stunning one-of-a-kind!


These are just a few of what we offer. Stop in and check out what we have during our sale. This is only available for a limited time so make sure visit soon. We are excited to see what you can dream, and we can create for you!


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