Diamonds & Doggies April 6, 2017

On April 6, 2017 The Diamond Shop partnered again with the APA, Animal Protection Association for our third Diamonds & Doggies Event. We had four insanely cute puppies Titanium, Silver, Ruby, and Diamond! The handsome Joe also came along for the fun! All the adorable dogs have been adopted! Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the event and a huge thank you to Joe's and the puppies' new pawents! We had treats available for your best friend courtesy of Lola & Penelope's! They were a hit! They are a great place for all pet parents to shop for all your pampered pets needs. Be sure to check them out!

Stay tuned for more Diamond & Doggies Events!

This time one lucky dog lover won an awesome silver necklace with a "Dog Lover" charm! Congratulations to Sharon Jordan!

IG Post APA Winner


Here are some pictures from the event (Thank you to Danita Blackwood for all the great photos):

APA 4 6A1APA 4 6A

APA 4 6BAPA 4 6C

APA 4 6DAPA 4 6E



APA IG 3 29


APA IG 3 31

APA Lola

APA IG 3 30





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